Frank Pearson’s School of Archery is an authorized dealer for Mathews and Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) bows and Gold Tip arrows. If interested in purchasing a bow, early notification to Frank will allow him to order the bow before your arrival. That way the bow will be available for you to set up and use during your lessons.

Each bow sold comes with a free one hour lesson.  Click below go to the company’s webpage.

Mathews Inc.
PSE Archery

For used archery equipment go to click below:

Accelerated Archery CDs

This product will aid both the beginner and veteran archer and will include sections on Mental Management, set-up and equipment selection, shooting skills development, string-making (recurve CD-ROM), knot tying, training and competition strategies.

For the first time the Mental Management® System will be teamed with an archery champion's proven technical system.

Click here to view a Sample Lesson from one of Frank's CDs.

  Accelerated Archery – Compound Edition CD
plus shipping.

  Accelerated Archery – Recurve Edition CD
plus shipping.

  Getting the Right Start (with the Genesis bow) CD

  Learn to use this great training bow and get your friends started in archery.
plus shipping.

  BCY's Making a Bow String CD

  Learn how to build a professional quality string.
plus shipping.

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