Two-day classes are recommended for archers that come from out of state.
Class hours are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. but can run longer if necessary.  

At the School, there is a 30 yard indoor facility and students can shoot outdoors to 100 yards, but classes are generally held indoors.

Classes are $300 per person per day. Hourly lessons are available for $40 per hour.

Frank teaches no more than two people at a time except in a seminar type format. For more information on seminars contact Frank. 

Each class is customized to meet the individual’s needs.

Frank teaches all the classes himself and does not change the students’ style, but tries to help the student find what works best for them.  The classes are customized to fit the archer’s needs. In all his classes, Frank teaches in a way that the student will be able to teach others when they leave.

For the archer seeking instructions on how to improve their game, each class begins with a thorough examination of their equipment. Improperly set up equipment could be the cause of a number of problems that archers experience. Improper set up can cause problems with aiming and setting the release off. The proper draw length is critical.

The student will learn how to set-up and tune their equipment to suit their shooting style and form. The student’s form will be reviewed and suggestions will be made to help them improve their form and mental game.

If time allows and the student is interested, Frank can teach how to make strings and cables and assemble arrows or how to judge yardage or how to shoot under adverse conditions such as windy, hilly conditions and pressure.

For the shop owner or employee, classes will cover: how a bow works, how to disassemble and reassemble a bow, how to fit a bow to the archer, how to set up and tune bows, how to fletch arrows, how to make bow strings and cables and basic instruction techniques.

There are no set dates for the classes to better accommodate the students. To schedule a class, contract Frank with two or three sets of dates and he will let you know which work with his schedule. Weekdays are generally easier to schedule because Frank still competes and that uses up a lot of his weekends.

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